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Collaborative Learning

After the training you can market to your community:


  • Is your phone no longer under warranty?

  • Did you forget to purchase insurance on your device?

  • Do you have a cracked Screen? Did you drop your phone in the toilet?

  • Is the Power Button worn out?

  • Is the Volume Switch Broken?

  • Do you Hate the Idea of buying a new expensive phone? 




Then consumers can contact your Repair Center! Who are you? You are an Out-of-Warranty Repair Service Center for Consumers and Businesses who can repair cell phones at a fraction of the cost rather than purchasing a new handset. Your experienced, certified technicians will fix consumer phones using state-of-the-art equipment, backed by a 90-day warranty. Read below for full details on the repair services you can offer, the services provided, and the phones you will specialize in after attending our training.



About Your Repair Services:

  • Highly trained, expert certified technicians

  • Onsite, state-of-the-art repair equipment

  • Free estimates and fast service

  • Full line of accessories available, including batteries,   protective covers, and home and car chargers - Low     Cost-High Profit Margins!

  • OEM grade replacement parts

  • 90-day warranty on all repairs - Great for Marketing!

  • Accept Walk-ins

  • Phone problems resolved to your satisfaction

  • Excellent customer service is a priority

What You will Repair and Offer as a Service to your Customers:

  • Transferring content to new phones

  • Data Recovery

  • iPhone iOS Firmware Upgrade and Downgrade

  • Android Software Restore

  • Blackberry Software Restore

  • Blackberry JVM Error Fix

  • CDMA Flashing

  • Unlock GSM phones

Smartphones You Specialize In:

  • iPhone

  • Samsung

  • HTC

  • Motorola

  • Blackberry

  • Nokia

  • LG

  • Sony 

  • Repair Handheld Gadgets with the same repair tools       and techniques learned

  • iPod Touch

  • Ipad Tablet

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab

  • Sony PSP

  • Nintendo DS

Services you can provide and Resources needed to do the following:

  • Broken touch screen digitizer

  • Broken LCD Screens

  • Water damage Devices

  • SIM card connectors

  • Microphones

  • Speakers

  • Power switches

  • Battery connectors

  • Ring tone buzzers

  • Headset Jack connectors

  • Charging Ports

  • Keypad boards

  • Volume switches

  • Vibrators

  • Trackball and Trackpad Assembly

  • Signal generators

  • Antenna switch

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