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On-site Training

We come to you!

For many years, MPRTS has been looking for a cost-effective, hassle-free way to expand our school, and further convenience our students. Our search is finally over with on-site training, which allows us to travel to you, saving you hundreds, even thousands on travel and accommodation; not to mention time.

Due to the overwhelming amount of requests we have received from the tech-savvy clients we have decides to go global for 2020. This new business venture is allowing us to revolutionize partner business' with our flexible scheduling and dedication to customer service. We pride ourselves on knowing we have done absolutely everything to accommodate and satisfy our customers, with this new program, we can do just that.

We understand the aggravation of traveling, getting time off work and finding accommodation for something so necessary to your business' development, but with us, you'll leave the hassle behind and still receive all the benefits of being in our facility.

Our aim is to assist employees to receive the necessary training to boost their performance in the workplace and help them become more aware of safety practices and proper procedures. We also build confidence so employees have a stronger understanding of the industry and the responsibilities of their job, this confidence will also enhance their performance, helping themselves and the business. 

Our illustrious and profound service comes directly to your workplace and includes all the classroom equipment, including MacBook pros for each student, course materials, relevant tools and technology to work with. Plus every student receives a free tool kit to keep.

To qualify for on-site training, there must be more than two people participating, and no more than ten.

If you have less than five participants, you can save even more money by hosting a course in your offices and welcoming in other technical staff from different companies.

The way our training is structured, allows us to ensure employees have extensive experience and background knowledge. We tailor-make all our courses to cover all relevant areas of expertise you need, so each individual is on the same level of understanding of the industry, regardless of their previous knowledge and experience. Continuous and prolonged training is also beneficial to your employees as it keeps them up-to-date with the latest industry developments.

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