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Mastering Precision: Advanced Micro Soldering & IC Level Repair Training Course

Advance Motherboard / Logic Board Micro-Lötreparatur

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Course Title: Advanced Micro Soldering / IC Level Repair Training Course

Overview: This intensive 3-day course is designed for individuals who have a basic understanding of electronics repair and wish to delve into the intricate world of advanced micro soldering and IC level repair. Through hands-on training, participants will gain the skills necessary to diagnose and repair complex issues in modern electronic devices, with a focus on mobile phones.

Day 1: Fundamentals of Micro Soldering Session 1: Introduction to Micro Soldering

  • Understanding the importance of micro soldering in modern electronics repair

  • Overview of tools and equipment required for micro soldering

  • Safety precautions and best practices

Session 2: Soldering Techniques

  • Basic soldering techniques review

  • Introduction to advanced soldering techniques:

    • Drag soldering

    • Component removal and replacement

    • Fine-pitch soldering

Session 3: Practical Workshop

  • Hands-on practice with micro soldering stations

  • Exercises in soldering components of varying sizes

  • Troubleshooting common soldering issues

Day 2: IC Level Repair Session 1: Understanding Integrated Circuits (ICs)

  • Introduction to integrated circuits and their role in electronic devices

  • Types of ICs commonly found in mobile phones

  • Overview of common IC issues and failure modes

Session 2: IC Removal and Replacement Techniques

  • Techniques for safely removing ICs from PCBs

  • Proper handling and storage of ICs

  • Methods for aligning and reflowing ICs during replacement

Session 3: Practical Workshop

  • Hands-on exercises in removing and replacing ICs

  • Troubleshooting IC-related issues

  • Practice on a variety of IC packages and sizes

Day 3: Advanced Repair Techniques and Troubleshooting Session 1: Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

  • Diagnostic methods for identifying complex hardware issues

  • Use of schematics and board layouts in troubleshooting

  • Understanding signal flow and logic in electronic circuits

Session 2: Component-Level Repair

  • Identifying and replacing surface mount components (SMDs)

  • Repairing damaged PCB traces and pads

  • Microscopic inspection techniques for identifying hidden faults

Session 3: Final Project and Certification

  • Participants will work on a final repair project incorporating all skills learned throughout the course

  • Evaluation and feedback from instructors

  • Course completion certificates awarded to successful participants


  • Basic understanding of electronics repair

  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own micro soldering equipment, if available

  • Willingness to engage in hands-on learning and practice

Note: This course outline is subject to change based on the needs of participants and advancements in technology. Participants should expect an immersive and challenging learning experience aimed at equipping them with the skills needed for advanced micro soldering and IC level repair in the mobile phone repair industry.

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