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 BK-878L2 Hot Air Soldering Station


 Soldering Iron Heat Gun 2 in 1

 Power Consumption:


 Input Voltage:

 220V / 110V

 Output Temperature:

 200°c ~ 480°c

 Air Temperature:

 100°c ~ 450°c


 Double LED Digital Display

 Air Flow:

 120 L/min max

 Blower Fan:

 Brushless fan, soft rotary wind


 Less than 45dB


 ESD Safe

 Power Adapter:

 US plug 110V / EU plug 220V


 For cell phones, electronics, logic board, BGA repair



  • ESD Anti-static design. Small Size. Save working space.

  • Hot Air Rework Station and Soldering Station 2 in 1, both of them can be used independently with LED digital display.

  • Soldering station and heat gun are used microprocessor PID temperature regulation. The system has automatic cold function. When it’s cooled to 100 degree Celsius, it will be power-saving mode automatically. This helps to extend the heating units life and protect hot air heat gun.


  • Be careful when operate with high temperature. Do not use it near to the flammable and explosive gas and objects. The air outlet is really hot that can burn body.

  • When the hot air gun is working, please do not leave your position.

  • Do not touch the hot air gun by children.

  • After using be sure to cool down the machine and put it in safety place. When it’s turn off, the heating tube will gush out cool air temporarily. During cooling time please do not take out the power plug.


2016 New Upgrade BAKU LED Digital Display SMD Soft Rotary Wind Hot Air Soldering

Artikelnummer: 364215376135191
  • Maintenance of Soldering Iron Station:

     ---Before Soldering

    • Must get wet the cleaning sponge first, and squeeze the excess water. These steps will help to make the soldering iron tip keep in good cleaning effect.
    • If using Not wet cleaning sponge will make the soldering iron tip impaired and hard to tin-plate.

     ---After Soldering

    • Please regulate the temperature to 250 degrees Celsius, starting to clean the soldering iron tip and coat a new layer of tin for protection.
    • When we don’t need to use the soldering iron, we MUST coat the iron tip with tin to prevent it from oxidation. Because once the iron tip is oxidized, the soldering iron tip is very hard to melt the tin. Even you have regulated the temperature to 450 degrees Celsius, it still can’t get melted. Tin-plating is really important!!


     ---Better to solder with low temperature

    • High temperature will speed up oxidize the soldering iron tip, and shorten its service life. When temperature of soldering iron tip is up to 470 degrees Celsius, its oxidation speed is twice faster than 380 degrees Celsius.

     ---Do not press much the iron tip

    • When soldering, please do not press much the soldering iron tip. Otherwise will make the tip impaired and deformed. As long as the soldering iron tip can access the welding spot fully, the heat can transfer. Besides, selecting a suitable soldering iron tip is also useful to heat transferring.

     ---Often Keep Tin-plating

    • Will reduce oxidation of soldering iron tip, and extend its working life. After using, plate a new layer of tin when the tip temperature is lower.

     ---Keep the soldering iron tip clean and clear up the oxide in time

    • If there is black oxide on the soldering iron tip, it probably can’t plate tin. In this case, it needs cleaning immediately. Please regulate the temperature to 250 degrees Celsius, using wet cleaning sponge to clean the oxide on iron tip, and plate tin finally.
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