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Tank Size (L*W*H)mm175*140*65240*140*100154*88*65
Overall Size (L*W*H)mm210*170*195270*170*240180*110*128
Volume (L)


Power (W)6012035
Frequency (KHz)404042
Heating Power (W)100100- -
Time setting (Min)1-991-9990s-30Min
Temperature (°C)0-800-80- -



1Ultasonic cleaning does not work

A.The power lord is not connected

B.The fuse is burned

C.High frequency wire is disconnected or not well-connected 

D.The circuit problem of transducers

A.Check the power connection and plug the power lord

B.Change the burned fuse with a good one of the power voltage

C.Connect or change the high frequency wire

D.Check the circuit or consult our after-sale service department

2The time settings does not work 

The timer is broken

A.Reset the power

B.Change the timer or digital control panel

3Bad cleaning effect --

A.Prolong the cleaning time

B.Adjust the cleaning solution to a best cleaning level

C.Choose the right detergent

4Leakage of the electricity--

A.Ensure that the groud wire is well-connected

B.Check whether the ground wire is loose and make it well-connected

5Other Problems--Please consult the after-sale servies department





-Jewellery especially gold,silver & platinum


-Coins and other collectibls

-PCB Boards etc

-Engine / Model parts

-Toothbrushes & Dentures

-Electrical components

-Make-up cases

-Diesel injection pumps

-Printer heads and toner cartridges 

BAKU BK 2400 mini portable industrial Jewelry digital ultrasonic cleaner for mob

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