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Package Include:
1 X Heat Insulation Pad (other item is not included)

1. Built-in scale ruler (0 ~ 24/36 cm ) on bottom section.
2. High temperature resistance is up to 500 ° C.
3. Designed with several hole location to set screws, IC chips and small parts.
4. 116/124 holes for screw position.
5. With several small magnetic sections.
6. Using organosilicone material, it's not easily deformed after folding.
7. Suitable for hot air gun, soldering stations and tablet, computer, mobile phone repairing and maintenance. Also is appropriate for other maintenance platform, Laminating machine and remover bubble machine.

1. Model: S-130/S-140/S-160
2. Material: Organosilicone
3. Colour: Blue
4. Size: 25 x 35 cm / 25 x 35 cm / 45 x 30 cm
5. Thickness: 4mm/5mm/5mm
6. Resistance to heat: 500 ° C

Note: The pad may have dust or other appearance minor defect. It does not affect the function.


35,00£ Standardpreis
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