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  • Brand new

  • Type: XG-Z40

  • Alloy: Sn63/Pb37

  • Microns: 25-45um

  • Volume: 10CC


  • Excellent wetting and high reliability.

  • Can effectively prevent the collapse of the printing and preheat.

  • Viscous force lasting, not easy to dry.

  • Colorless, does not affect the test, fine-clean and cleaning performance.

  • White and plump solder joint.

  • No false welding, strong adhesive with solder iron tip.

  • Products wetting, anti-dry and strong, long shelf life at room temperature.

  • Suitable for: mobile phone repair industry, computer digital service industries.

  • Used to high-precision circuit board soldering SMT, BGA soldering processes, etc. 

Package included:

  • 1pc x solder paste

Mechanic XG-Z40 BGA 10CC Syringe Solder Paste Flux Sn63/Pb37 25-45um Soldering

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