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Professional battery charging and activation board.
Different battery buckles suits most smart phone models.
Auto shutdown when fully charged.
Prevents over charging.
Display charging current and voltage.
Smart positive/negative recognition.
Mass current/load protection.
Charging status indicator.
With voltage and current meter function.
All circuit reverse wiring protection.
One-key activation.

Board Size: approx. 146 X 77 X 8 mm/5.75 X 3.03 X 0.31 in
Gross Weight: approx. 132 g

How to Use:
1. Use the power cable to connect the board to power supply, or connect the board to wall plug charger with micro USB cable.
2. Place the battery on the board and connect to matched power.
3. Press "activate" to activate the old battery.

Please make sure your smart phone is supported before charging.


1 X Battery Charging Activation Board (W209A)
1 X Power Cable (connect DC power)
1 X Micro USB Cable


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