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ZXW Dongle Zillion x Work Repairing Drawings with Software for iPhone iPad Samsung LG etc

  • Motherboard break can be easily measured by gently click

  • ZXW Dongle is for everyone to solve this artifact, with ZXW moving mouse, easy to solve line problem

  • As long as the maintenance sector needs ZXW software, ZXW software and data updates will always go on

  • Support latest models: we will research the maintenance needs, update ZXW software at the fastest time

  • A practical tool for repairing smartphones

  • Widely compatible with iPhone, Samsung, LG, Sony etc. smartphones

  •   This Dongle in in English Language 


  • 1. All ZXW first registered new users will be offered the BlackFish schematic diagram software at the same usage period (please contact your agent or ZXW customer service if you need help).

  • 2. This dongle DOES NOT SUPPORT Windows 10 system.

  •  3. This item is only valid for 1 year since first activation.

Other questions:

  • 1, Why some ZXW data and schematics is not the same?

    -ZXW query software, is the original motherboard engineering documents as the basis, the preparation of production, due to the motherboard in the manufacturing process will continue to improve, there may be minor changes, but the basic principles remain unchanged, please refer engineer discretion.

  • 2. ZXW Dongle operating environment 

    -For security reasons ZXW Dongle requires users to networked computers must be able to use this software to work properly. Each dongle limits registered five times to redo the system, which does not affect the registration number, it will not be wasted.

Package include:

1 x ZXW Dongle Zillion x Work Repairing Drawings 


149,00£ Standardpreis
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