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£450 year
£45 / month
Single Store Location

3 User Accounts
Additional User: £5
Unlimited Repair Tickets
Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Invoices
Support Via Telephone & Email 

A single platform to manage store inventory, generate & track repair tickets, monitor sales, manage customers and much more....

Cash In/Out With Shift Management

Take control of your register & track cash movements between different shifts using transaction log to reduce error, theft & discrepancy. 

Registers can be closed at the end of the day so you can compare expected cash or other tender types to actual totals. Close-out process also allow you to keep specified amount of cash in the till and include a reconciliation report showing a snapshot of all activities during the shift.

Integrated Payment Processing

With integrated payment processing, accept card swipe or chip cards (EMV) payments directly from Point of Sale with EMV processing times of just 3.66 seconds 

You simply swipe a debit or credit card using customer facing Genius terminal and RepairDesk sends required information to Cayan and receives a confirmation code which is matched and stored with the POS transaction. This improves checkout times & reduce time spent on redundant data entry, credit card verification, reconciliation and so on.

Split Payment Between Multiple Tender Types

Does your average customer asks for multiple payment types for a single transaction? Provide convenience to your customers by splitting payment across multiple tender types like cash, credit / debit card, PayPal etc. That's not all, you can also accept payment for multiple credit cards in case a customer wants to use multiple cards for single transaction.

Search Items, Customers, Tickets, Invoices & More

Deal with walk-ins quickly and attach customer to transactions to help track your loyal patrons. You can search items by name, SKU, ID or scan an item barcode to add them to a transaction. 

Moreover once a client comes to re-collect his/her device, at the POS you can scan repair ticket receipt using a barcode scanner, add a tempered glass or lightening cable and hit checkout to complete transaction in less then 45 seconds.

Multilingual POS For Multi language Customers

RepairDesk multilingual feature allows you to use RepairDesk translated version in your primary language giving you absolute control over how you run your repair shop. If you would like to update translation simply edit it inside language editor or modify work order, invoice, ticket label and estimate templates using WYSIWYG editor. A truly global service management software!

Customer Facing Display

When completing a work order, it is often beneficial to capture a signature from your customer that indicates their acceptance before or after a repair is completed. Customer Facing Display is the perfect companion for RepairDesk users that allow you to streamline checkout, displays order details & save customer’s signature on a work order using a secondary tablet. 


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