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Mobile phone and
tablet repair online course 

Course work and tools will be posted to you after booking 

The mobile phone & tablet technician diploma is a wonderful learning opportunity for anyone interested in the electronic service industry and would like to join a long-lasting career or for anyone who already has some bases and wants to brush up on their knowledge and boost their career with a recognised certification.

Let go of all your misconceptions about the online repair training program, join in and learn professional repair skills from the comfort of your home or workplace.

In this 5-day journey, we will train you on mainstream mobile phone brand repairs and help you to become a fully qualified mobile phone repair technician. 

Each day will focus on an aspect that links your skills to real repairs this will encourage your ability and will build a practice that works for you!


Beginning and sticking with our practice is not so easy, so let's start slow.

We will start basic and then progress to an advanced level. You will learn about components of the device and how to repair common issues. Will begin with part replacement such as screen, battery and charging port. After building up the base you will take a step further and practice motherboard repairs and have a brief introduction to micro soldering.

This course is designed for individuals who are struggling to spare time from their busy working schedule or travelling to our training facilities is a challenge for them.

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