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mobile phone lcd repair course

iPhone/Samsung Glass and Screen Refurbishment Training 


In the current market full LCD assembly prices are sky high and business are struggling to make some profit,

If you want to separate the LCD from the touch screen on devices when the LCD is still functioning as it should. No need to purchase the whole assembly anymore if a screen is cracked.


MPRTS has an Aim to help mobile phone repair business to gain more profit and keep their customers happy with cost-effective repair services. If you one of those businesses or individuals who are struggling to overcome this problem then don’t worry anymore we can teach you how to use the latest machines and technology to generate good results in screen refurbishment.


In our training facilities, we have the latest machines and skilled teachers who can guide you on how to refurbish these screens and make more profits from repairs.


We will teach you:

  • How to separate glass from LCD assembly

  • How to clean and remove LOCA glue

  • How to fit OCA adhesive and Polarize film on LCD

  • How to use the latest machines to seal LCD with Glass

  • How to remove air bubbles from the LCD after refurbishment

  • How to fit frame on glass & LCD  

  • How to use screen repair machines & tools.

  • LCD and Digitizer separator and how to use the hot plate to remove front broken glass from the iPhone Samsung Assembly etc.

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